TAI JUAN Enterprise since the establishment of 2005 so far, uphold the spirit

of innovation, research and development, professional engaged in the research and development of magnetic energy micro bubble machine products, in the design, planning, sales, construction and installation, maintenance, services for the industry's best.

 TAI JUANmagnetized energy micro bubble machine series products have two major

brands, product systems: divided into household economic, commercial business and pet SPA micro bubble machine seriesproducts. Product variety, complete functional, exclusive design, has achieved the patent, according to customer demand tailored production (ODM).

 TAI JUAN enterprise product marketing worldwide, and continuous innovation

and development of new products and expand the international market, the future of the company is still one of the original intention of the principle of good faith, continue to develop green industry, for you my health and the earth resources to do a heart.

Series products of MMB magnetized energy dimensional fine bubble machine

The only four consecutive years in the world won the Taipei International Invention Award for the maintenance of fine bubble machine brand

2010 Taipei International Invention Gold Medal Award

2011 Taipei international invention Bronze Award

2012 Taipei international silver medal award

2013 Taipei International Invention Gold & Bronze Award

Topped the American inventor magazine

Won the Taiwan and Chinese patents

SGS test certificate

Negative ion up to 1,236,000/CC above

The removal rate of residual chlorine in water is more than 97%

TTRI test certificate

Skin moisture increased by 74%

Blood flow and blood flow velocity increased by more than 41%